Art in Bloom Florist Info/Registration

Donors/Floral Designers
(Use the form below to register)

  • Donate or sponsor a floral arrangement that was inspired by an artist or art piece in the gallery. Please visit the gallery or our website to view art and artists for inspiration.
  • Along with the arrangement, cards or flyers promoting your business can be provided and will be set up with your display.
  • Please have the display delivered to the gallery by 5:00 PM on Friday April 29 (the gallery will be open at 2:00 PM that day). If you need the display to be picked up versus delivered, please contact the organizers.
  • You are invited to the opening reception on Friday night to view the displays and meet with patrons to promote your display or business.
  • We will contact you in advance of the event to see what art or artist you selected to have a table set up in the proper location to display your piece.
  • Registration is free; however, the expectation is your floral display will be donated as a raffle prize in support of the Winkler Gallery fundraiser.
  • We encourage all businesses/registrants to become a patron of the WGAEC.
  • Your arrangement and info will be on display all weekend. Visitors will be invited to buy tickets to vote for their favorite arrangement. All tickets will also be entered in a drawing for a grand prize or one of the floral displays.
  • We will promote all donors on Social Media and in marketing our event.

Please complete this form if you are interested in providing a floral arrangement / sponsoring a floral arrangement for the event. Thank you!
(click here for a printable form)

For questions of comments, please contact the organizers:

Nancy Danneker            814-931-4732

Anita Todd          513-910-2565

More information is available at